Toy Fair Discounts


Hello, Toy Fair is here again, although quite a bit different this year. The Little Smiles Team team has been busy sourcing many new products for 2023. All our promotions will be available to retailers during the 2023 Toy Fair through our website.

We are keeping our trade promotions simple this year by offering spend based discounts. Our tiered discounts are based on spend amount and you may pick and choose any items that form part our range. These promotions are available to all wholesale customers through to Friday February 16th 2024. No extentions available.

Spend $900 ex GST – 10% Off – code TOYFAIR10

Spend $1,900 ex GST – 15% Off – code TOYTFAIR15

Spend $3,500 ex GST – 20% Off – code TOYFAIR20

Please contact us if you need any assistance placing your orders. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you during the 2024 Toy and Hobby Fair.